Does Chewing Gum Clean Your Teeth?

Does Chewing Gum Clean Your TeethToday’s society is one of fast paced urgency that sometimes leaves little time for life’s basic necessities, including brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal. This is often caused by eating on the go, or away from home. As a result many people have turned to chewing gum to relieve themselves of bad breath, to eliminate the grimy feeling on their teeth and an the overall feeling of “yuck mouth.” However the question still remains, “Does chewing gum clean your teeth and is it actually good for them?” In order to understand the pros and cons of gum chewing, you must first understand how it helps or hurts your teeth.

Pros of Chewing Gum

There are two main benefits you will notice when you chew gum directly after a meal, which are beneficial to your teeth:

  1. An increased production of saliva, which can reduce the amount of enamel damaging acid that is produced by meals.
  2. Provides a mechanical cleaning method for your teeth by removing debris and food particles left in hard to reach crevices.

Both acids and leftover foods can be extremely damaging to your teeth if left to sit on the enamel for long periods of time. Chewing gum offers a quick and simple solution for this problem.

What to Avoid in Chewing Gum

There are many different gums that claim to have cleaning abilities. But how do you determine what is fact and what is hype? While some gums may have certain ingredients that can aid in the strengthening and cleaning of teeth it should not be a replacement for regular flossing and brushing. Also, never choose a gum that contains sugar, as this just puts more harmful deposits on the teeth.

There are actually some gums that have been given the ADA seal. If you utilize these brands you can feel confident your teeth are receiving only good benefits. However, keep in mind nothing replaces a good brushing and flossing so ensure you perform this necessary task in order to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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