Does Smoking Damage Your Teeth?

Does Smoking Damage Your Teeth?Millions of American smoke. Most smokers know the damaging effects that this habit can have on your overall health, however, are you aware of the damaging effects that smoking can have on your teeth? Some of the results of smoking to your teeth are unable to be reversed, meaning even if you quit you are left with the consequences. Use the following guide to understand all of the damaging effects smoking can have on your dental health.

Two of the most common and well-known negative side effects of smoking to your dental health include: yellow or dingy looking teeth and bad breath. Both of these problems are caused by an increase of bacteria that accumulates due to smoking. In most cases this problem persists even with teeth brushing, mouth washes and chewing gum.

While bad breath and yellow teeth can be seen, there are some problems that can occur that are not noticed until it is too late. These include quickly receding gums, teeth that become brittle and crumble as well as damage to the bone beneath the gum in the mouth. These problems can typically not be reversed, however quitting smoking can reduce the damage that occurs.

For those who continue to smoke for years the ultimate damage may be that their teeth actually fall out. Once this occurs you are left to purchase dentures, partials or go without. However, while losing teeth may seem like the ultimate consequence, the damage does not stop there. Continued smoking can lead to a condition known as dental decay which has been linked to heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Additionally, smoking regularly for years can lead to oral cancer.

When you think about the many consequences to your dental health that can occur simply by lighting up, you must ask yourself “is it really worth it?” The fact is there are many programs, hotlines and products available to help smokers quit. Listed here are the problems that occur to your dental health, this list does not include the other detrimental issues that smoking can cause.

Keeping your smile healthy and white can help you have more confidence and a positive self-image. By stopping smoking you are also ensuring your overall dental health for years to come. Stopping smoking can have an immediate impact on your health. According to the American Cancer Society, you will see benefits in 20 minutes as your blood pressure and heart rate will start to return to normal. After one to nine months of quitting your shortness of breath will decrease and a chance of getting a lung infection will also significantly decrease. After 10 years of quitting your chances of getting lung cancer and dying from it will be half that of a person that is still smoking. Take advantage of the help that is available and quit smoking today and have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth!

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