Why do I Have Bad Breath?Bad breath can cause you embarrassment in social situations or even private settings. There are many misconceptions that bad breath can be remedied by mouthwash or brushing of the teeth. While brushing your teeth on a regular basis is excellent for the overall health of your teeth, unfortunately it is only a temporary solution for bad breath, you need to find the root of the problem in order to be rid of bad breath for good. Once you have discovered what is causing your bad breath you can find treatments for it, which will end your battle of stinky breath.

Use the following guide to determine the root of your bad breath and find a solution once and for all.

  • Lack of saliva: There are many different medications such as diuretics, drugs for depression and even typical pain medication can cause you to experience “dry mouth” which eliminates the saliva that washes away the foul smelling bacteria. If you have recently started taking these medications you may want to ask your physician for an alternative medication that will not cause the dry mouth effect.
  • Multiplying bacteria: It is a fact that there are millions of tiny bacteria particles on your tongue. During the day they simply sit on the tongue snacking on the food particles left over. However, at night time, when your saliva production is slower they will multiply, thus causing the lovely morning breath that most people experience. Regular teeth brushing will help eliminate this annoying problem.
  • Breathing from the mouth: Those who suffer from snoring or sleep apnea may be more prone to bad breath than others.
  • Long term illnesses: Anyone who suffers from a long term illness may have a chronic case of bad breath that is not remedied by any modern solutions.
  • Alcohol use: Anyone who drinks alcohol on a regular basis may be more prone to bad breath than others.
  • Tobacco use: When you use cigarettes, cigars or a pipe, unpleasant-smelling substances in the tobacco smoke, including tar and nicotine, are left on the insides of the cheeks, teeth and tongue. These substances build up on mouth surfaces and bad breath results.

If you suffer from extreme halitosis you may want to seek a medical opinion. However, otherwise a good dental health regimen will help quell any cases that are present. Additionally, consider using a sugar free chewing gum if you experience issues throughout the day when you cannot brush. Doing so will ensure you can get close to others without unpleasant breath.

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